We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give
Sir Winston Churchill
Edward Woodley (Ted), owner operator of one of the best conversion facilities in Wellington. Ted has been involved in the audio/video industry for longer than he can remember.

Convert 8mm to video.

Convert cassettes to CD

Convert to DVD

And a lot more besides.  B & I group have been converting many old formats to formats that run on CD/DVD or VHS cassettes. The ideal way to retain those old memories and backup those old movies before they disintegrate or are damaged.

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Grandparents black and white pictures?  We can save those old pictures which are irreplaceable. We can colour them as well..
8 and Super 8 film We have a sophisticated setup that allows us to capture your old movies and save them to VHS Cassette.


Rare old music cassettes?. Before they break or turn to spaghetti save them to a CD.


Movies on VHS?, to archive the contents of a VHS cassette we'll burn it to a CD or even a DVD. Protect those special moments.
And of course we do much, much more.
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